Frosty Factory

Frosty Factory is the premier U. S. manufacturer of heavy duty high quality frozen beverage machines for both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Our beverage machines are user-friendly, reliable and constructed for years of dependable and profitable service. They are also manufactured in all electrical configurations for use worldwide and are “CE” certified.

Frosty Factory offers three types of refrigeration for their frozen beverage equipment line. Below are descriptions of air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote refrigeration units.

Air-cooled are the easiest to install. Simply place the machine on the counter and plug in a 20 amp dedicated outlet*. Always allow ample space on all sides for air-flow. (*215F takes 30 amp outlet)

Water-cooled units require a water inlet and a drain. This equipment benefits the user by keeping heat from the serving area. Machines can be placed side by side.

Remote refrigeration is the most efficient system available. Placing the condenser away from the serving area provides a quiet, heat-free operation. Additionally, remote installation save many utility dollars since the heat from the units does not require air-conditioning, which off sets the added cost of air-conditioning. Machines can be placed side by side.


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