Forbes Industries recognizes our responsibility to operate in a manner that protects and improves the environment now and for future generations. We know that the long-term well-being of our employees and society, as well as the continued success of our own business depend on our commitment to operating in a sustainable manner.
For many years Forbes Industries has conducted business and executed our operational strategy with environmental concern as a guiding corporate principal. With this document, we are elevating the principal of sustainability to a core corporate principal and incorporating it as an integral part of our business agenda. We are confi rming our commitment to integrate environmentally friendly policies and practices into our organization by operating in a manner that supports conservation of materials and energy and waste reduction throughout our supply chain.
Our sustainability program has three key elements:
• Our commitment to improve the sustainability impacts of our own activities.
• Our commitment to provide our employees with an environmentally conscious workplace.
• Our commitment to provide our customers with products that help them achieve their sustainability goals.
Forbes Industries will continue to strive to develop and implement environmentally responsible business practices throughout our organization. We actively encourage our employees to partner with us by supporting and furthering our sustainability efforts.

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