Astra – Expresso Machines

Automatic and Semi Automatic Expresso machines with 1, 2 or 3 portafilters.

Unmatched performance and top-of-the-line quality
• All steel chassis
• All metal internal brewing mechanism
• Aerospace-grade hosing and wiring components

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Astra’s Automatic espresso machines are designed for high output and provide perfect portion control with the touch of a button. Astra’s Semi-automatic expresso machines offer unmatched reliability, quality and simplicity. Both types of expresso machines come with a self-tamping, high density group head, nickel plated copper boiler and a temperature stabilizing thermocycling system.

Modular parts combined with intuitive features
• Built to easily install, operate, and maintain
• Intelliprogram
TM* smart features offer innovative capabilities
• Uncomplicated water and electrical hook up