Redco InstaSlice
Tomato Slicer

Bigger tomatoes and more uniform sliceing per movement equals less time spent slicing and more time for the finer details your customers have come to expect. For parts information, please refer to the user manual for this product.

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Redco InstaSlice Tomato Slicer

• Pop-in pop-out blade assembly for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Thermoset blade frames never need adjustment and will not corrode
• Largest slicing area in the industry
• Corrosion-resistant polyurethane food carrier
• Hardcoat™ pusher head fingers resist corrosion from tomato acids and other harsh foods
• Detachable table stop assures processor will stay in place
• Sled-leg base design offers superior resistance to breakage
• Available with straight or scalloped blades, allowing slicing of tomatoes without ‘pre-scoring’ the skin