Liquid Coffee Dispenser,
LCD Series, Model LCD-1

Liquid Coffee Dispenser, LCD-1
Item #120894, 1 Selection, Hot, 120V
Item #121330-BPC, 1 Selection, Hot and Ambient Temperature, 120V
Item#121330-T, 1 Selection, Hot and Ambient Temperature, 120V, Tea Label

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Liquid Coffee Dispenser

The LCD-1 series delivers hot and fresh coffee at any time of day. Eliminate waste and stale coffee while reducing labor cost and coffee preparation. Our delivery system ensures highly accurate product to water ratios while protecting the extract from air ensuring the integrity of the coffee. Our soft touch membrane panel can be easily programmed to dispense your products in a variety of ways: Press and hold or portion control, multiple product strengths (Mild, Regular or Bold) and temperature (hot or ambient). All of the functions are built into the LCD-1 dispenser. The only thing required is to choose the options that are right for you.