Liquid Coffee Dispenser,
LCD Series, Model LCD-2

Liquid Coffee Dispenser, LCD-2

Item #120496, 2 Selection, Faucet Operation, Hot, 120V, Metal Door
Item #121696-BPC, 2 Selection, Membrane Switch, Hot, 120V, Metal Door
Item #120532, 2 Selection, Hot, Button Operation, 120V, Backlit
Item #120520, 2 Selection, Hot and Ambient, 120V, Backlit
Item #120463, 2 Selection, Ambient Only, 120V, Backlit

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Liquid Coffee Dispenser

Mild or bold, hot or cold! The LCD-2 offers you coffee on demand, just the way you want. The LCD-2 is available in a hot only machine with an LED display and soft touch control panel or with a stainless steel door and gravity faucets. The hot and ambient machine offers hot and iced coffee or tea and the ambient only machine is great for cold beverages. Our delivery system ensures highly accurate product to water ratios while protecting the extract from air ensuring the integrity of the beverage. Customize the brilliant LED display and/or membrane switch providing you up to six different profile options.