Zojirushi AYA-E Series Gravity Dispensers

Glass & Stainless Gravity Dispensers with Sight Gauge

Item #
112005 – 2.5 liter, Short Glass lined
112006 – 2.5 liter, Tall Glass lined
112007 – 2.5 liter, Short, Stainless lined
112008 – 2.5 liter, Tall, Stainless lined
112017 – Base Black Plastic Jumbo
112030 – Base Black Plastic Universal

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Zojirushi AYA-E Series Gravity Dispensers

Zojirushi 2.5 Liter AYA-E glass or S/S lined thermal gravity dispensers are constructed of a black plastic exterior with brew through lid and easy push dispense. Available in both a tall and short models. The Universal Stand for the Zojirushi 2.5 Liter AYA-E is a molded plastic base offering you preparation area to fill vessels of different heights. Can be used with other servers.