Airpot, KK Series

Glass Lined Vacuum Insulated Airpot, Double Barrel Brew-Thru-Stem

Item #
121815 – 2.2 liter, Black Metal
121816 – 2.2 liter, Black Metal
121817 – 2.2 liter, Black Plastic
121818 – 2.2 liter, Black Plastic
120817 – 2.2 liter, Satin
120818 – 2.2 liter, Satin
120795 – 2.2 liter, Diagonal

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Newco’s KK glass lined airpots. Created of a high quality, commercial design, this airpot is both functional and provides years of trouble free service.

•Double barrel brew through stem ensures proper mixing of coffee during brewing.
•Available in both metal and plastic designs.
•Decaf Nose Cone for identifying decaf coffee.
•Available in both Lever and Push button interchangeable tops.