Lettuce King IV

Fast and reliable, the Redco® Lettuce King® IV delivers the speed, consistency and chopping performance you need at a fraction of the cost of an electrically powered machine. You can prepare iceberg or Boston lettuce days in advance and not worry about it turning brown because the Lettuce King® IV doesn’t “bruise” the lettuce during chopping. The separately sold Redco® Lettuce King® IV Drum Ring saves prep time and streamlines handling for high-volume chopping of lettuces. Fits snugly over Rubbermaid® Greenskeeper™ storage drums. Use with the Vollrath Redco® Lettuce King® IV for consistent performance and chopping efficiency. For parts information, please refer to the user manual for this product.

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Redco Lettuce King IV

• Prepares lettuce in a fraction of the time it takes to do with a knife
• Prevents bruising of lettuce during cutting – prepare days in advance
• 2 year warranty
• Lettuce King® and drum ring sold separately
• Drum Ring Features:
Fits snugly over Rubbermaid™ Greenskeeper™storage drums
One size fits both 20 and 32 gallon drums
Streamlines high-volume chopping of lettuces